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We're confident that our courses can help you reconnect with your authentic self.

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The Connections Course


The Connections Course is a single curriculum taken in three parts. Our courses allow you to free yourself from your limitations and empower you to live a life you love. You have the opportunity to break through what has been stopping you and what has been keeping you living the same pattern again and again, letting go of the things you have been holding on to that you have been carrying on your shoulders, and gives you the freedom, focus, and power to work on what matters to you.







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Course Details


The Freedom Course

In the Freedom Course, you are given the opportunity and tools to “wake up” to the meaning you have been giving to your life events, to gain awareness of your survival strategies, thinking and behaviors, and how you approach your life, and to recognize how these beliefs and stories limit you.  When you are aware of how you are operating within these limiting beliefs, stories, and patterns, you then have the freedom and ability to recover your sense of belonging, embrace authentic compassion for yourself and others.

TUITION COST: $997 $497

The Life Design Course

It is highly recommended to get the most out our trainings that you take Life Design immediately following the Freedom Course.  In Part Two: Life Design, the deeper work with self continues.  In 4 full days, you are challenged to bust through the roadblocks that keep you from fully expressing your authentic self, to create a new relationship with the concept of fear, and to re-discover the true inner self that has been hiding behind the emotions, beliefs, stories, and excuses that have kept you from finding your true power and purpose in life.

In this deep and profound course, you will have the opportunity to break through to your core self, let go of and honor your past, connect with others on a deeper, more intimate level, and release the beliefs and experiences that have held you back from living the life you were meant to live.  By then end of this course, you will have discovered the key to your own personal power, fully experienced your unblocked, authentically-expressed self, impacted and inspired others, and shattered roadblocks on your way to creating a lasting and fulfilling life. Many of our students have shared that their experience in Life Design was one of the most profound and life-changing events of their lives!

TUITION COST: $1997 $997

The Velocity Leadership Course

After the deep personal work of Life Design, you have the opportunity to take the authentic, powerful self you revealed to practice on a daily basis in your life and work in Part Three: Velocity Leadership.  Designed to integrate the tools of the trainings into daily life, students will practice the work of making distinctions, setting clear intentions, declaring and completing commitments, giving back to the community through service, and taking relationships, work, finances, and leadership abilities to the next level.

For a select group of Life Design graduates committed to achieving their life goals, this program consists of three mandatory training weekends, an all-team Community Service Project, a customized Personal Declaration of Accomplishment with specific goals in 7 domains for each student, as well as optional weekly meetings.  Throughout this 3-month course you will be supported with daily one-on-one coaching and small group calls, as your team, coaches, and trainers lead and support you 100% in having your commitments reached and breaking through whatever personal hurdles or obstacles that may come up that could hold you back or stand in your way of completing the personal declarations you set for the duration of the program.

Through the Velocity Leadership program, you will have the opportunity to create a new relationship with the concepts of time, commitment, enrolment, reasonableness, leadership, and results.  You will create extraordinary results with no prior evidence or possibility, connect with and relate to people with all types of personalities and backgrounds, create positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life, and bring about extraordinary results personally and as a team, in a remarkably short period of time.

TUITION COST: $2997 $1497


By fully participating in the entire Course, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Give up the victim/blame mentality to become empowered.

  • Let go old programming and stories that have kept you stuck.

  • Transform your relationship with fear and begin to access your power out of your commitments.

  • Overcome patterns of self-sabotage and destructive behaviors and thinking.

  • Free yourself of unfulfilling or toxic relationships to create healthy connections and deeper intimacy.

  • Learn how to stop resisting and to start embracing abundance, love, money, and success.

  • Develop your voice to take a stand for your life and to empower others as a leader and influencer.

  • Join a group of people committed to creating a world that is connected, abundant, loving, and empowered.

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